The Orgin Of THe Black Cat

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I always thought that the orgin behind this character was really intresting "and not her in comic story". Orginally Storm was the Black Cat and was designed by Cockrum as a legion of superheros character. However, since he was discovered by Marvel they became X-Men instead. The reason this wasn't Storm was because of Tigra and they thought the two were to similar so Storm was invented instead. The character was then later revived as a Spider-Man character. So without Tigra we wouldn't have Storm or the Black Cat and that would be a shame. Just thought I would share that ^_^

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Spider-Woman was created just so Marvel could have the character name before DC or something. They just plucked an origin that was potentially going to be used for Wolverine (an animal evolved to the point of being human) and gave it to her instead. I gotta say thank God for that. It was such a stupid idea they retconned it from Spider-Woman as well.

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@PrinceIMC: Thank goodness for bad ideas that are corrected to make good ones.

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