Super heros breaking up

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I  know most of the comic community hate Countdown, I never read it myself, but they blame that for Black Canary and Green Arrow marrying each ither. Now rumours are circling they are going to divorce. I don't know the details, but should heros really be thinking of divorce or worse breaking up. 
I know problems arise and it feels it can't be worked out, but superheros should never get a divorce, except for Hank Pym, he is a maniac. They deal with our problems head on. We will never fight a guy who can freeze you or a man who can punch through steel, but they do. it is fantasize and they represent the problems that plague us today, so heroes should be more like... heroes. They should stand and work things out, there is not always an easy solution. As heroes set an example for the normal people and become model citizens, they have seen the worst of it so why not work it out when things get rough.

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I think comics are doing fine as far as portraying relationships. Some couples do try to work it out (Sue and Richard), and of course even when trying to work things out it doesn't quite get there (Jean and Scott), people move on, people drift apart, some relationships are a match made in heaven, most aren't, etc lol

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Don't the best comics incorporate real world events into the characters, thus making them more approachable?
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GA and BC are constantly getting together and breaking up. They haven't really been "together" for a while now.

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These two shouldn't divorce. They both knew what they were getting into. Having them divorce is just writers being lazy and unoriginal.

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Divorce is an unhappy ending. 
Making 2 characters divorce is to say that they're not good guys.  Divorces don't just "happen", they "happen" when people get married prematurely, don't love the other person, cheat, are terrible with their money, go to jail. etc. 
Is any of that true of these guys?  No?  OK then. 
 You want to tell a good divorce story, fine.  Don't do it in someone else's marriage. 
You wish the marriage didn't happen?  OMD is unpopular for a reason.

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Well Ollie did cold blooded kill Prometheus and not to mention the number of people he shot and killed when he tried to be "hardcore" and pretend to be Deathstroke and got caught.
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After the relaunch their marriage is probably going to be retconned which I don't like. I think they are most interesting as the two when they are separated but still love each other. That's the case with Black Canary. She loves Ollie like she's never loved anyone before but she doesn't trust him to be a good husband or partner, I like them being married but separated. It makes sense. Something like Ollie refusing to get a divorce could be interesting since he still loves her and wants to be with her while Dinah just is extremely unsure what to do.

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