Is It Me Or.....

#1 Posted by DarkKnight96000 (1161 posts) - - Show Bio

Does something stick out in this pic

#2 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

You mean aside from her caboose?
I get the impression that her shoulders are more covered in the mirror image.

#3 Posted by divingfalcon713 (310 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow...Sometimes there is just too much

#4 Posted by Treason (233 posts) - - Show Bio
@divingfalcon713 said:
" Wow...Sometimes there is just too much "
there can never ever be too much
#5 Posted by CrimsonAlchemist (412 posts) - - Show Bio

Dam right

#6 Posted by N7_Normandy (2504 posts) - - Show Bio
@Treason said:
" @divingfalcon713 said:
" Wow...Sometimes there is just too much "
there can never ever be too much "
#7 Posted by WW-Fan (2873 posts) - - Show Bio

eww come on!
#8 Posted by Green Skin (2943 posts) - - Show Bio

She's definitely got some junk in her trunk.  Gotta love Canary!

#9 Posted by RedRyan (137 posts) - - Show Bio

I get it now....the wall needs replastered.
#10 Posted by hdorman1 (4668 posts) - - Show Bio

lots of ass

#11 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15463 posts) - - Show Bio

#12 Posted by hdorman1 (4668 posts) - - Show Bio
@DarkKnight96000 said:
" Does something stick out in this pic


i so want to 
#13 Posted by Craig Lovecraft (215 posts) - - Show Bio
I agree with the shoulder thing. It looks weird. I guess the artist was a little too focused on another part of her when drawing this.
#14 Posted by Jotham (4577 posts) - - Show Bio

Plus, it looks like the thong is digging in there about a foot and a half.

#15 Posted by MrDirector786 (43837 posts) - - Show Bio

The mirror doesn't seem to reflect her image correctly that and uh... one of her... assets.... :P

#16 Posted by thebluephoenix (24 posts) - - Show Bio
@Son_of_Magnus said:
My Thoughts Exactly!
#17 Posted by velle37 (6117 posts) - - Show Bio

That body..... 
Is so perfect............
#18 Posted by daredevil21134 (15458 posts) - - Show Bio

I know Green Arrow took full advantage of that
#19 Posted by IrishX (2869 posts) - - Show Bio
I noticed you haven't replied since posting this originally. Does something in particular stick out to you? Why did you post the image? 
It doesn't look like her left hand is being reflected in the glass.
#20 Posted by KZR (504 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary but ass I look closer I do see a rip in her tights.

#21 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

See what people don't know is that Black Canary keeps an extra set of lungs in her ass when she clenches her cheeks she can let out her Canary's Call.
The more you know...!

#22 Posted by Primmaster64 (21665 posts) - - Show Bio

lol...this is sweet

#23 Posted by batflasharrow96 (492 posts) - - Show Bio

Oliver Queen is a lucky man

#24 Posted by The Stegman (32704 posts) - - Show Bio
@batflasharrow96: you mean Oliver Queen WAS one lucky he's one lonely man
#25 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (15705 posts) - - Show Bio

#26 Posted by batflasharrow96 (492 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Stegman: Well...soon enough they're bound to get back together...well..when he sees that picture he'll have her one way or another.
#27 Posted by PowerHerc (86165 posts) - - Show Bio

Yup. It sure does. Wow!

#28 Posted by BatteredArmor (6233 posts) - - Show Bio

To quote Steve Smith "Humuna Humuna Humna Boner"

#29 Posted by TheCannon (20267 posts) - - Show Bio

Who cares?

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