In a Karaoke Contest, Black Canary vs Siryn

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#1 Posted by IcePrince_X (5092 posts) - - Show Bio

The shouting ladies of DC and Marvel, who will win in this one chance of a life time? Who is in and who is out?

My bet is Black Canary is in.

      Siryn is out.
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#2 Posted by Waver (120 posts) - - Show Bio

For me it would be Black Canary hands down. :)

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#3 Posted by BangingBootyNurseT (149 posts) - - Show Bio

I love Black Canary so she has my vote.

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#4 Posted by JAMES MICAHEL PYM (49 posts) - - Show Bio


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#5 Posted by The Devil Tiger (1278 posts) - - Show Bio

Just imagine them singing "My love will goes on"....the horror...horror....

I would say Syrin, her power is just more polyvalent.

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#6 Posted by xerox_kitty (17342 posts) - - Show Bio
The Devil Tiger said:
Just imagine them singing "My love will goes on"....the horror...horror....I would say Syrin, her power is just more polyvalent. [more]
God forbid Siryn should start belting out 'And I Will Always Love You'... urgh!

I remember when Siryn was flirting with Skids' college room-mate.  She'd been singing in the shower, and he complimented her on her singing voice :)
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#7 Posted by SUNMAN (7695 posts) - - Show Bio

Isn't Siryin more powerful

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#8 Posted by DoN`t_KrAnQ_jUsT_PsYcHoO (345 posts) - - Show Bio

i can´t judging because i even seee siyrin in action 
but i think dinah is better hahah ^^

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#9 Posted by thebluephoenix (24 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Black Canary more so I'll say she wins, but, I do believe that Black Bolt has them both beat.

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#10 Posted by Veitha (4154 posts) - - Show Bio

Syrin is stronger and she would win a karaoke contest... and make you think that she's better than Black Canary lol: her powers allow her to ipnotize people just singing so she can start sing and everyone - including Black Canary - would like her voice

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#11 Posted by Veshark (9458 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Canary! Simply because her voice actress in Brave and the Bold (Grey DeLisle) sings surprisingly well.

Seriously check this out:

Loading Video...

Yeah, the lyrics aren't exactly Yeats, but that's some melodic sh#t right there :D

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