About Kurt and Dinah Lance?

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do you like them together?

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Titans 13 shows that he's still alive, that should be an interesting development. Looks like a Titans/Birds of Prey crossover is in the works.

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Wait who is this?

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No. I don't like Black Canary being turned into G.I.Jane either.

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I am ok with Black Canary having lots of boyfriends but she should avoid loser Green Arrow.

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I like the new continuity Black Canary. Dinah's been portrayed as a former government agent and a current freelance covert ops agent, and if you read Team 7, she and Kurt go well together. I like it, I like how she turned out, even with Kurt Lance, in this whole New 52... I like them together!

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I'm slightly confused here, is this Dinah Drake 1st Canary or Dianah Laurel Lance 2nd Canary? the latter what I believed to be Dinah Drakes daughter with Larry Lance? like I said, Confused... :P

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Kurt Lance suposed to be dead husband of Dinah Drake Lance who kill him with her Canary Cry, but he appear to be alive and he has telekinetic powers who haunts Black Canary making her lossing control of her Canary Cry.

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On Prime Earth, both Black Canary are fused together. Dinah Drake meets Kurt Lance, they got married and she becomes Dinah Drake Lance, they join Team 7 , she gets Canary Cry and "kill" her husband and destroys a Island or country. She becomes Black Canary and forms Birds of Prey revealing that she has connections with Starling and Batgirl.

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@flopsyxxxbunny: this version's a combination of the two, from what we know now its not mother and daughter anymore, there is only one Black Canary

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