Who has been Bizarro in Marvel?

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Have there been any characters similar to Bizarro in the Marvel Universe?

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There's been an assload of evil clones and whathaveyou, but nothing extremely similar to DC's Bizarro if that's what you're asking. 
However, during the "Amalgam" thing Marvel and DC did together, they merged Bizarro and Carnage into the awesome Bizarnage! So there's a little-known fact for ya...

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How about Charlie America

He was created from Steve Rogers pee.........
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Yes.. In the almagan Universe their is a Bizarro/Carnage Crossover dubbed 'Bizarrange'.
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I'd say the closest thing to Bizarro is the hulk..... I don't know too many characters or comics so don't bother correcting me, But here is how they are alike: 

  • Bad Speech
  • Bad logic (I think)
  • Brute strength
  • The have a little resemblance of each other's looks (Call me crazy)
I am sure there are better comic book fans out there that have a bettter answer than me.
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deaddpool & taskmaster

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@darkcloakx:  How is TM like Bizarro? Taskmaster is a human with no powers but unique skills.
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Dark Beast

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@mavfan626 said:

Dark Beast


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