Has anyone actually seen this?

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So I just remembered how a couple of years ago (more like a decade) there was a Birds of Prey TV show that took place in "New Gotham" after Batman decided to peace because of some sissy argument with the Joker.

Has anyone actually seen this show and if so can you tell me if its worth watching in my spare time since when I have nothing better to do?

And why is Huntress's name Helena Kyle? Like WTF I know she's the bred of Bruce and Selena but still..

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I researched it and watched some clips, it didn't look that interesting, but I didn't actually watch it so my advice is limited

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: birds of prey has oracle , huntress , and black canary. oracle is same as comics batgirl now wheelchair bound information / tech support. helena huntress kyle is the "half meta" child of bruce n selina (but doesnt know who her daddy is) who goes out and kicks but with her martial art skills and animal like agility n strength . black canary , called dinah on the show is a 17 year old who can see the dead / precog ... just crap is what im trying to say it was just a mess. oh and harley quinn is huntress's therapist (not joking)

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@BlackArmor: @SoA: I'm watching the pilot right now and it's absolutely ridiculous. Huntress is a rebellious teen who just told harley quinn off and that "SHE DOESN'T KNOW ME."

It's absolutely horrible. Not sure how it got a 6.5 out of 10 (which is decent.)

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Yeah all the info I found out about the plot and all the clips I saw of acting wasn't impressive at all, once I saw how bad the Theme song was I decided to just skip it

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it was HORRIBLE....really really really bad

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There were legal problems about using certain characters in the show. Just like how the early years of Smallville rarely had any real Superman villains or supporting cast, they had to create new villains, skirt around the connection with Batman. It's also why Huntress wasn't really the Huntress that we all know from the comics. Too many changes that fans disliked it; not enough quality storyline or characterisation for non-comic readers to get hooked into.

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There were only 13 episodes made thank god. It was really horrible.

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