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This story begins with Black Canary being attacked by machines and a couple of guys with swords. A woman is trying to kill her and Canary is talking to Oracle trying to get her to shut the robots down. Babs hacks into the building's mainframe and turns the robots on to the woman. As soon as the mission is over Dinah and Babs start arguing and they agree they need time apart. Dinah takes out her ear piece. 

Canary rents a movie and we see her asleep on her bed in a robe. She answers a knock on the door and it's a man named Craig. Dinah's ex-husband. Oracle is having problems at a store. One of the salesgirls wants to help her to the elevator. Barbara hates when people help her and points out that there are no handles on the back of her wheelchair for a reason. Craig admits to Dinah that's he's in trouble with the Ukrainian Mafia and they show up her apartment. 

As Babs is unlocking her van she gets hasseled by some muggers looking to steel it. She pops out one of her Eskirma sticks and takes a couple out. Another one throws a trash can at her and knocks her into the road where her wheelchair tips over. She is almost hit by a car but the driver stops. He gets out and helps her as the thugs are chased by police. The man introduces himself as Drew Fahrnum then asks her out to dinner which she accepts even with a squeeky wheel. 

The Ukrainian Mafia break into Dinah's building as they jet down the stairs. A grenade is dropped and explodes just as they exit the building. Craig is having trouble hearing and the Mafia is right behind them in a car. At dinner Drew tells Barabara she should be more careful. She thinks it's because she is a woman or handicapped and she snaps at him. He says because it's a warzone out there. She apologizes and admits she had a fight with a friend. 

On the street Dinah sends Craig running for a subway while she takes care of some mafia gunmen. Babs and Drew finish dinner and she pays. He says he'll get the next one. Craig and Dinah make it to the subway and lose the mafia guys. Craig is an accountant and explains that the mafia hired him to do their finances but they don't like paying taxes. When he started questioning their expenses they tried to kill him. 

After dinner Drew wants to walk her home so the day could last longer and then races her to the corner. Dinah is happy Craig came to her for help and they kiss on the train. Barbara and Drew get back to her place and she's hesitant to let him in because it's a mess. He's worried that she is a neat freak because that makes it harder to find the good stuff. He lets in the three muggers who tried to steal her van earlier. 

Some mafia guys corner Dinah and Craig on the train and demand it back. Canary is confused and asks what they're talking about. Craig says he doesn't know but one of the mafia men explain he stole a Smart-Card which contains the encrypted bank codes of the Ukrainian Mafia. 
Oracle yells "lights off" which surprise surprise, shuts the lights off, then quickly rolls out of the room. Her place is coded only to her voice. Dinah is understandably angry and smacks Craig. The Mafia guys try to calm her saying they'll take Craig and....but she interupts him by throwing Craig at them. 

Babs is armed with a stun gun and night vision goggles. She takes out two of the thugs in the dark. Dinah continues to beat up the guys on the train. Craig uses the distraction and tries to escape. Oracle uses her squeeky chair to trick Drew and then clobbers him. Dinah stops Craig by throwing a gun at his face. 

The police are at Oracle's place taking the thugs out. One of the cops recognizes her name and she says the commissioner would appreciate some discretion. After they ask what happened she tells them she just found them all handcuffed and suggests maybe it was that Batman. Canary explains her night and Barbara tells her story as well albiet a little more cryptically. They agree that they are ok as a team and Barbara admits she can't know everything and needs to trust Dinah more. 

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