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Happy Birthday Dove! 0

The Good: A really nice cover by excellent cover artist Stanley 'Artgem' Lau what really sets of the mood of the arc and the beginning so perfectly. There's quite a lot of excellent comedy that amuses me to no end but never goes over the top to dilute the mood of the story. Gail Simone really has it down how to write some nice easygoing comedy and really emphasize how the characters interact and play off each other in dialogue. A lot of Oracle's inner monologue at the beginning is such a great s...

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Is this really the Death of Oracle? 0

  Cover I saw this cover a couple months ago and I was excited and it did not let me down. The art is also great on this cover. Story The Calculator talks to Creote to find the place where Oracle is. Oracle is in the worst neighborhood of Gotham and fights these drug addicts and Batman comes in to help. The rest of the birds are at a club for Dawn birthday but, Dawn does not like it so much. Oracle takes Batman to the tower where they are going to be taking care of business. Back at the club Mor...

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"Oracle dies. Once and for all." 0

The Death of Oracle story arc is finally here. Will it truly be the death of Babs or something else? Pros: Babs hasn't had much to do lately in BoP other than patching things up with Creote and Savant, but it was great to see her being a bad chick instead of in front of a computer. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with her. It was also great to see her interacting with the recently return Bruce Wayne. Babs has something planned for her Oracle persona, but it's hard to determine what. With ...

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Birds Of Prey #7: Death Of Oracle 0

 Oracle's Death? Oracle's Death starts now! As she finds herself alone and far from all allies and safe houses - Oracle will die! This is just the tip of the iceberg as Batman (Bruce Wayne) is in Gotham City! New coming artist Ardian Syaf, joins the Birds of Prey team to create one of the greatest stories of this year! With writer Gail Simone and inker Vincente Cifuentes, they are making a avenue for Barbara that will change every area of her career. Will Barbara Gordon die? Is Oracle D...

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"Because tonight... Oracle dies." 0

Be sure to check out my review of Birds of Prey #6. 100 Words or Less Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham and although he helps Oracle against a bunch of thugs in the alley, can he save her from death?  And can Savant really be trusted? Oracle feels she has restored him but what is he doing with Calculator? Bruce Wayne needs the Birds but what happens when girls night out becomes a fight for their lives against the mysterious Mortis? So Then I Said...So this is the first issue ...

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