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Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" Part 5, featuring the new art team of Rick Leonardi & Jesse Delperdang! Oracle is feverishly trying to get information on the predicament of Bruce Wayne, and she's about to go to some incredible lengths to get it, revealing a new "ability" in the process. Meanwhile, Black Canary has to break into the apartment of a prominent Gotham citizen and find something that even the G.C.P.D. missed.

When the Blue Beetle gets breathless during a workout, Oracle suggests he visits a doctor. Meanwhile, Oracle and Black Canary begin to investigate the Fairchild murder. Canary discovers that Fairchild was investigating the Batman when she was killed, and Oracle visits Sasha Bordeaux, Bruce Wayne's bodyguard, partly in order to try to discover whether or not she knows that Bruce is Batman. Beetle discovers that his heart is in very bad condition indeed and is advised not to engage in any physical activity.

While Oracle ponders why Bruce Wayne would buy a gun, Canary runs into Spoiler at Fairchild's home, discovering that the younger hero had been following her because she wanted to 'hang out'.

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