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The Toa Nuva are helping the islanders prepare to leave Mata-Nui for good. They have defeated Makuta Teridax and the path to their old home on the island of Metru-Nui has been revealed across an ocean of protodermis. During the assembly of boats, a group of Matoran is attacked by a purple shadow Kraata. Knowing that the Kraata are never far from Rahkshi a hunt is conducted for the beings that the Toa thought defeated. They discover two Rahkshi Katia, (awful amalgamations of three different Rahkshi, similar to the Toa Mata's Katia forms Akamai and Wairuha). Using their recently developed teamwork and knowledge of the Rahkshi's power, the Toa are triumphant. To celebrate their victory and their upcoming departure, Vakama calls a meeting on the beach. It is here that he first reveals to the Toa Nuva that they are NOT the first, or only, Toa.

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