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Billy and Logar
Billy and Logar

Billy Goslin is the son of Gunner Goslin, Captain Atom's (Allen Adam) best friend. It is unknown how but Billy has or has been given the power to separate himself while he is sleeping into two persons. One stays asleep while the other is awake. In these incidents he plays with a giant alien bird called Loga that flies in space. It is not known if it is the bird that gives him the power or does it come from billy himself.

At first no one believe Billy when they told him about his adventures until one day Billy didn't wake up. For two days he slept until Gunner brought his friend Allen over to help his son. Allen figured out that Billy's story must be true and went into space to find him as Captain Atom. Billy had talked about the dark side of the moon in great detail giving Captain Atom a place to start. Captain Atom did find Billy and convinced Billy not to leave home for so long.


Billy was created by Joe Gill and artist Steve Ditko in Space Adventures #35 in 1960 from Charlton Comics.

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