Questions about the lightning.

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You know that signature move Captain Marvel has when he grapples someone from behind, says SHAZAM! and the magic lightning hurts his opponent pretty badly?

What would happen if he did that to Black Adam? Would he revert back to his human form since it's magic lightning, or is there a difference? Also, if Billy were to try this on someone who can go intangible (like Vision or Shadowcat) would the lightning bolt still hit them cause it's magic?

Oh, just thought of another: Has he ever tried it indoors?

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Q1 It would work (was it with extra magic? Definitely works for family members)
Q2 I think so.
Q3 Yes.

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@Billy Batson: No extra magic, it's the same SHAZAM lightning bolt Billy always uses.

And when he used it indoors, did the lightning destroy the ceiling?

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Yes the lightning would transform Black Adam.

I can see it going either way in terms of affecting an intangible opponent but I lean toward it hitting and being effective due to it's magical properties.

Yes, the magic lightning has been called down indoors and no, it doesn't leave a hole in the ceiling.

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