Does anyone else want closure on the Marvel Family?

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I can't be the only still hung up on the Old-DCU version of the Marvel Family, during Justice Society when Black Adam was turned to stone and that unknown Lightning Dude showed up and was never mentioned again. And then that horrible one-shot where Freddy lost his powers.

Anyone else remember this stuff?

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@Spiders_Man3: Know what I remember? I remember the Marvel family stories being awful since Infinite Crisis. I remember DC trying to shove new code names and bad haircuts down our throats. I'm not a huge fan of the new direction Johns is taking Billy, the Wizard, Savana and company but it's a hell of lot better than what we were left with pre-reboot.

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I won't argue with that, all I'm saying is that is wasn't just the poor treatment pre-reboot that bothered me but the complete lack of any rhyme or reason to the stories in the first place.

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It was so horrible, evil Mary, crazy Billy, Freddy as the main character (i like him, but Billy should be the main character, not him), that I'm just glad it was all retconned away. The only closure I wanted was to see everything going back to normal. I don't even think they had any ideas of what to do next.

I'm enjoying Johns' treatment of Billy, Mary and Freddy so far. Of course, Mary and Freddy don't have powers anymore, but I kinda like them just as regular kids supporting Billy, and I also loved the new kids, Darla, Eugene, Pedro, and the Vasquez couple.

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The Shazam! Backups in JL have been great, I kinda want it to be its own title though so I can get more, they always feel too short.


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