Captain Marvel is in the DCNU!

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Will Justice League and Action Comics still have a higher price point going forward? Johns: Yes. "Starting issue #5, Gary Frank and I will do a second story in every issue called The Curse of Shazam." It will relaunch Shazam. Action Comics also has bonus material.

From newsarama

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o.O. As a double feature? DC was doing the right thing by lowering the prices. -.-

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JL was always 3.99 and it has extra content, its not like marvel which have now dropped to the twenty pages format and increased most of their books to 3.99

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Geoff Johns is writing it? Be wary Billy fans. 

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Johns has shown that he knows and understands the character in JSA

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Not very excited right now. I'll judge when I see how Shazam's revamp works out first...

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@Nighthunter: Agreed. In fact, all of my recent best memories of Billy came from Johns, so...

I'd say "Be excited Billy fans!"

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Good news!

Good news!

Good news!

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Has there been any more news on this? I really want to see the redesign.

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I can't wait for this! I hope they show some preview art on it soon!

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