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The BFG 9000 was created for the 1993 Doom video game from id Software. It was created by Tom Hall and designed by the artists Adrian Carmack and Kevin Cloud.



The BFG fired in Doom.
The BFG fired in Doom.

In the first Doom video game, the BFG is a large firearm that fires giant balls of green plasma. Noted as the most powerful weapon in the game series, the BFG causes major damage to opponents hit by the radiation emitted by the projectile, allowing it to clear entire rooms full of foes. Any target hit directly by the projectile is also often an instant kill. The wielder is unaffected by splash damage from the BFG, allowing it to be safely used even in close quarters. The BFG remained largely unchanged for several sequels following the original Doom.

Doom 3

In the 2004 Doom 3 video game, the BFG has a charge-based firing system where holding down the trigger causes the weapon to accumulate energy, resulting in a more powerful shot. Overcharging the BFG too much however will cause it to overheat and explode, killing the wielder instantly.

Doom (Movie)

BFG damage in the Doom movie.
BFG damage in the Doom movie.

In the 2005 Doom movie the BFG is officially designated as the Bio Force Gun v3.14. It fires a bright blue projectile that appears to burst on impact and sprays a caustic substance over the target and the surrounding area.

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