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Anna Maria Neapolitano, codename: Bettina Bolo, is part of Omega Team, a special government task force that handles occult cases.


Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Bettina Bolo is an edged weapons specialist with a masters degree in archeology. She can read five ancient languages and speak three modern ones, as well as Farsi and Urdu. She has hardened herself both mentally and physically, and approaches her work with gritty determination. Her workout routine contains equal parts Tantric meditation and practical bodybuilding.

Aside from a wide selection of cutlery, she packs a 9mm SMG with internal silencer, a flexible saw, a garrote, and a set of lock picks. She considers this enough gear to deal with a wide variety of situations.

"Even if something is immune to garlic smeared, silver jacketed ashwood projectiles with depleted Uranium cores, chances are good that its forward motion will still be impaired by chopping off its legs." - Bettina Bolo

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