The Spyder bloodline

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Following the BND event in Spiderman, it could be said that a lot of loose ends from Straczynski's run haven't been adressed.  The only glimpse so far of the Spyder/hunter conflict in recent times has been Joe Kelly's 'Grim Hunt'.  Its a good storyline, but it doesn't adress a number of factors.  For example, It would have been better to see more of ezekiel and see writers deal with Ben Reilly's position in the mystic spyder society.  I understand that Ben's been dead for years, but no writer has bothered to explain why Ezekiel and spiderman were targeted in recent years.  Why wasn't Reilly targeted by Morlun, Shathra etc? Was it tied to status as an unnatural, science born spider? If so, why has Kaine (also a clone) been chosen to arise as the new Tarantula?

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my guess is that writers are trying to stay as far away as possible from Straczynski's run since it was nothing but one big "jumping the shark" nonsense story that didn't belong as a Spider-man story

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Maybe, but at least Spiderman was going in new directions.  It took a whole year after Brand New day and New ways to die for the storylines to move in a new direction.  And don't get me started on One More Day, though Straczynski really @*£$%! up with that.  Maybe the changes were a little drastic, bu they were not all nonsense

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ben reilly disintegrated after he died so i dont see him coming back, Shathra came after Pete when he stryed fom the safe path in the astral plane. Morlun has a special cycle in wich he hunts totems, Ben died several years before it became time for a spider-meal
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Yeah, thanks man, that answers a lot of questions.  Though it was pretty stupid when Reilly disintegrated, but oh was th 90s lol.  Just as a question, but does anyone know who the current totems are? I know that the female black panther was also targeted by Morlun, but apart from that i'm drawing blanks.... any suggestions

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