It doesn't make sense for Ben to be dead.

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So I was thinking about Ben today, and about the story with the other in the current Scarlet Spider book, and It doesn't make any sense for Ben to be dead.

Ben was supposed to be a perfect clone, and after Spider-Island Kane also became a perfect clone.

Now in Spider-Man The Other, Peter Parker died, and then was brought back to life by merging with the other.

Recently when Kane was killed by werewolfs he came back to life by merging with The Other.

But when Ben died even thought he was meant to be a perfect Clone this happened.

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So not only did The Other not save him, and he turned into a mist. Which doesn't make sense because he should have been a perfect clone.

So I'm thinking either Osborn has the real Ben somewhere or Ben faked his own death to finally escape Kane.

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Well he is coming back this month maybe everything will make sense

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