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The mysterious and elegant Frenchwoman going by the name Belphegor possessed various psionic abilities. These abilities may have been the reason for her shared history with the mystic known as Doctor Mist. Belphegor also played a major role at the Dome, the base of operations to the international heroes the Global Guardians.

Belphhegor was known to work earlier in her career with Doctor Mist and Andre Chavard, member to the Boy Commandos. She became a powerful asset to Doctor Mist and Andre as she assisted using her psionic powers to save a hero from a parallel Earth named Tin,  by mentally enlisting the unwitting aid of the genius gorilla terrorist, Monsieur Mallah, and the Brotherhood of Evil

     As time passed the United Nations would grant sanction to the newly formed Global Guardians and would assign The Dome as their base of operations. Belphegor was also assigned as the director of the Dome headquarters. The Dome had functioned as virtual home base for super-heroes the world over since World War II. She would oversee the Dome's special intelligence operations and dispatch those members of the Guardians that would handle events near their home countries. This standard of administration for the geographically dispersed heroes would hold for quite sometime, with Belphegor working closely with Doctor Mist.

The lady's in charge

   After several years of bringing together heroes from various nations (with the notable exceptions of the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.), the fight against evil would hit a turning point. The United Nations decided to shift its funding to the newly established Justice League International. Without the sanctions of the U.N or its influence, the members of the Global Guardians dispersed. The organization lost the funding of the United Nations and the Dome could no longer afford to stay open. 

The Lady Takes A Bow
The Lady Takes A Bow
It was Belphegor who oversaw the lengthy closing of the Dome, now considered obsolete. When Jack-O-Lantern and Doctor Mist were assisting her, Belphegor was transmitting information from the Domes' computers and the three got in a discussion. Belphegor was telling Jack to stop acting like a spoiled child, due to his inability to take the news well. After Jack became aggressive towards Doctor Mist, Belphegor reminded Jack that even if the U.N. no longer backed them the Global Guardians would stay alive. Since then the Global Guardians have dispersed and Belphegor has not returned, disappearing into mystery once again.

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