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OzyMANdias, OzymanDIas

The series that I started to get excited for at the start of August has taken a little bit of a turn. Ozymandias has lost a bit of momentum and I don't really understand why it's taken this direction. The writing has been the same - with great narratives and the tussle between The Comedian and Ozymandias is well choreographed and executed - giving this book some positives. My only problem with the writing is how quickly they gave up on the investigation of the Hooded Justice's whereabouts and just progressed through to Adrian's fascination with Dr. Manhattan. I understand from the end result in the watchmen how this progression makes sense but I was really looking forward to the unknown territory of the Hooded Justice.

I really liked the Ozymandias/Comedian fight and how it showed them both at the earlier parts of their careers and how, realistically The Comedian, who was older, had a few more tricks up his sleeve. I remember in the Watchmen when Adrian attends the soiree and comments on meeting the comedian before (giving room for their altercation in this issue). I also forgot about the connection of the two characters throughout the original Watchmen story and how their skill/age match up to one another.

It was a quaint read and in doing this review I realize that I should give it an extra .5 rating because of these slightly subtle hints toward the Watchmen epic.

The art by Jae Lee in this issue is just as phenominal as it has ever been. He never stops to amaze me with his rich and deep art scheme that is, to say the very least, amply fitting for this title. I love seeing the lush backgrounds he uses to bring out the important images in almost every panel. Even though this was probably my least favorite issue so far I still can't wait to see and read the remaining issues.

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