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Creepy beginning

The good:
So that first scene of the book is just plain creepy. It shows, in the past, the psychological issues of our main character in a ''beautiful'' way. It lets you see how disturbed he actually was (if ever he changed). Personally, it was the highlight of the issue, even though the rest was still strong. 
As for the rest of the issue, we get to see our main character dealing with the police following his arrest. That's probably the more lightheaded part of the book : seeing the character trying to convince the police (especially Ramira Acevedo) that he is just trying to help and that he is not the culprit. The conversations are well done and get followed by a great scene depicting Madder Red (in his civilian life) helping out with something that seems impossible for the police. We get to see how Madder Red's madness is also Madder Red's genius. This leads him to discover the reasons behind the weird winged character's killings, which can lead to a complex story in the near future.
I'll say this yet again : the art just fits the book in an incredible way. It really complements the tone of the book and the ideas that Nick Spencer wants to put to life. It's simple, but amazingly creepy at times. Especially seeing that first scene of the book.
The bad: 
Not really anything bad, about the story, it's just slowly building up to something that I think will be amazing.  
So what's the verdict?
The creepy scene, the showing of how smart is our character and the art just make this issue a good addition to a very well crafted story. The psychopathic side of Madder Red was beautifully depicted as much as his intelligence. The cliffhanger also let us out on a good ending which can lead to a great scene in the next issue. I can't wait for issue 4.

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