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This Lady in the Water is to be taken seriously.

Review for Batwoman #3.

The Story: Kate finally confronts with The Weeping Woman and the D.E.O and their investigation continues.

Thoughts: First thing first the art continues to be gorgeous. In this issue we have some many different styles of panels, from Kate being dragged down into the ocean, the action layouts are dynamic and gives it a very quick pace to it. We get more Weeping Woman and we see what she can do, it's mostly her trying to kill people so that they stay with her because of the loneliness she has, i haven't read the story she comes from but I don't feel this is shown all that well. I think the problem with the arc is that it's focused to much on the D.E.O and not enough on the WW. Wich would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the WW was said to be the first big threat Kate has to face, this is one place that I feel Rucka's absence is felt. Another point that I feel having Rucka on board would have made things stronger is when Kate comes back and tells Bette she wont train her anymore because she feels that the WW is to dangerous for her, this kind of logic is flawed. I would agree she shoudn't face this occult type of villain just yet but completely stopping training seems a bit drastic, you can still train with her on other crooks. But I am still loving the way the D.E.O is written, you can feel that they are a competent goverment agency that gets the job done but I am worrying just how Williams and Blackman will get Kate out of this, I just have a feeling it might be disapointing.

The Verdict: Another solid issue of this series. It continues the D.E.O investigation very strongly and fuels my want of an ongoing series with this writing team but I feel that the emotional side of things are lacking a bit of logic and the featured villain doesn't feel important. This is a buy.

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