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Batwing #28 Review –“When the Search Digs Deep.”


Since the new revamped of Batwing, it has been pretty good and engaging to read. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have really made an effort to make Luke Fox an interesting character. He really gets the sense of feeling of being young and new about being a superhero and he’s unsure about what to do. There is also a new change that previous character David Zavimbe, didn’t have which was interesting villains. It’s one of the main problems it had and the only one I ever found interesting was his brother, Isaac Zavimbe, Massacre. The villains weren’t interesting and didn’t have much a background on why he/she became a villain and didn’t have any different personalities. But now with this new villain we get to see his past and see why he is the man he is now and that’s something we really needed or maybe still need more in this series.


Luke Fox’s sister is still kidnapped and he’s getting desperate fighting as Batwing as the answers unfold.

The Good

The story has taken Luke and his family in an interesting toll dealing with the kidnapping of the missing family member. We see how desperate everyone gets by screaming at each other and getting angry or emotional. Batwing also gets pretty violent with the thugs and it really shows that he’s trying to get the answers by any means necessary. It’s really good to finally see what these characters do at desperate times.

I thought the art was really good in here. Most of it is really detailed and solid even during the action and non-action scenes. You can really see the characters face expressions and what’s going on with the action of how the characters are fighting. What’s amaze me about the art is that it never looks off and less detailed like in most books. So, it’s really nice to look at this issue.

The Bad

The constant problem I seen in this book is not knowing much about the villains like for example, Ratcatcher, he has an interesting look and personality. I just wish we knew more about his past, how he got his powers and why he’s obsessed with rats. I also want to get to know more about Russell Tavaroff and what makes him different than Bane.


I give this issue a 4.5/9.5 out of 5/10 stars. It’s a really good issue that allows you see what the characters going through at a trouble time and we get to see their best way to solve their situation. It really makes them feel relatable and a sense of danger where we can feel bad for them. The art is really beautifully detailed and we can see what’s going on in every scene. The only downside is that we need to know more about the villains and I hope that happens in the next issue. Anyways, I recommend you get this issue and jump on this series. It’s very underrated and needs more attention!

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    Ever since I picked up #1, I could not stop reading it. THIS IS A GREAT comic. I admit, I kinda miss David, (First Batwing), but after the jump start from Luke Fox... I am in it for the long haul. I actually stopped buying comics for awhile until I heard of Batwing. In this issue, Luke is really starting taking shape of his detective side. I waited so long for the writers to get Batman out of the picture. I mean, for some time now Batwing started to look nothing more than another side-kick robi...

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