Why do the Batman writers think he's better off alone?

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So Batman's pretty much the guy they write for relationships, right? We have Catwoman, Talia, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and the list goes on and on. Pretty much every girl he comes in contact with is attracted to him. Understandable.

What I don't get is why the writers of ALL the various versions of the comics and TV shows make him continue to be single for forever. I mean, yeah, you have Talia and Damian, but that's not even close to a stable, healthy family. I mean a real, honest-to-goodness family in a non-alternate universe.

Any thoughts on why the writers so religiously avoid him tying the knot?

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Probably because of the nature of his work? He cannot afford to have that stable family line at all as his enemies can pretty much use it against him and break him. He already has Alfred to worry about who is pretty much the closest family he seemingly will ever have after Morrison killed of Damien.

Also lets not forget that it will not be likely accepted by other Bat fans as writers are under constant pressure to keep him really powerful (several times even beyond plausible means) and minimize his potential weaknesses. Personally I would prefer that writers show more of his weaknesses as he cannot be always this perfect guy with a plan just like in Court of Owls, which is why I'm currently enjoying Snyder's run on Batman (except for Death in the Family since that was pretty much predictable).

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Well its becuase his whole self scarficing personality where he puts the lives of everyone else before his own so while Batman has had relationships they are can only be short term not becuase the cliche "i cant protect you" Bs but for Batman to focus so much of his passion and attention on one person just so he can be happy would be a betrayal to his oath and mission

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Self-sacrificing that's what makes a relationship hard for Bruce. It always in his stories and even Nolan had it in his movies. He must keep to his oath otherwise people will get killed.

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@lyrafay: well Nolan kind of ruined it in Rises

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@lp: Yeah, forgot about that last one

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I think its just part of his character. He is too paranoid and devoted to his work to have a stable relationship. He tries but at the end of the day, he will always pick batman over relationships. Even in the movies. The only time he didn't is in mask of the phantasm but that wasn't comics so it doesn't count.

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Because Batman is at his best when is is kinda miserable. I don't think people would want to read about a happy Batman who comes home to a loving wife every morning and goes to brunch with their couple friends. In my opinion, Batman needs to be haunted by his parent's death for the rest of his life; he needs to put his mission before everything, including his own happiness.

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