Who would win batman or james bond?

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i think batman but bond is pretty surprising.....

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Hmm doesn't this belong in the battle forum?

Anyway, I'm going to say Batman. They're very alike, but Batman has an edge and is more versatile - he'd sneak up on Bond, and take him out before Bond could react.

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Bond most likely because he is a time lord

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Which Bond?

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movie bond would beat movie batman...

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Batman has this.

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Comic Batman pwns Bond but I'd say movie Batman loses

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Batman both comics and movies.

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Definitely Batman.

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Pretty obvious that they'd seduce each other. The two sexiest characters in a room together, well, there's only one option.

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Batman stomps hard and wrong forum.

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They have a short skirmish and then team up to stop some international terrorist organization because they're the team up we deserve AND the one we need right now.

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@Hoarderofhilarity said:

Comic Batman pwns Bond but I'd say movie Batman loses


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@TheCannon said:

@Hoarderofhilarity said:

Comic Batman pwns Bond but I'd say movie Batman loses


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Batman would destroy all James Bonds excluding Daniel Craig. Its a toss up. A lot of factors have to be taken into account. Is it a dark alley or the Skyfall mansion? Can Bond use a gun? Can Batman use Batarangs? In a straight up fight, on a completly equal playing field, if I had to choose.... I think Bond(Craig).

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Batman would defeat Bond without his eyes. Movie Batman would win in a long fight.

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Batman stomps

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Comic Batman has no right fighting characters with any semblance of real human limitations.

Movie Batman should win. Bale's fight when he saved Blake was impressive, he took on a bunch of guys while Blake took out 1, granted the choreography needed work in his group scenes, it was like watching a video game where the guys attack one after eachother which includes the guys with the guns, not sure if anyone else got that feeling. Bond (Daniel) was out of shape in his last movie, and just getting it back together at the end, batman was actually back in some form by the end of his. Younger Bond (Daniel) would be a good fight against TDK Batman without gadgets and gear. You would need exploding-pen-bond to go against Batman with gadgets and Batsuit, but I would not bet on that version in h2h.

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batman annihilates bond, whatever version it may be.

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