The Trinity

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I've got this idea for a new Trinity, the characters are pretty much Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, they just came about their personas differently.

Sentinel - Brett Peck - Sentinel was a married man living on the planet Notpyrk, when he found evidence that his planet was nearing its doom. He tried to present this evidence to the rulers, but due to their arrogancy and pride, they scoffed at him, so he started building a rocket to send he and his family to a similar planet of their own, Earth. However, his wife did not believe him either, and eventually left him when everyone started calling him a lunatic, so when the rocket was built, and was just him alone that left his home, and he left just as his planet begam to implode. Arriving on Earth, he endeared himself with the population and became the Sentinel, not wanting what happened to his planet to befall Earth.

Battle - Drake Keith - One night while they were out on a date, Drake's parents were killed by a mysterious gunman. Drake then bounced around from orphanges and foster homes. Finally, when he was old enough, Drake joined the Army Rangers, and after twenty years, he retired and decided to use his training to become the vigilante Battle, making sure that what happened to him, doesn't happen to anyone else.

Winter Widow - Chloe Weston - When Demeter lost her daughter Persephone to Hades, she decided to create for herself a new daughter, so fashioning a mold out of snow, she formed a daughter and brought it to life with a drop of Persephone's blood, and named her Chloe. A few years later, Chloe met a man named Vince Warren and fell in love with him. Not wanting to lose another daughter, Demeter killed Vince, but when Chloe found out, she ran away, and came to live in man's world. In honor of Vince, she adopted his last name as her own, and became the heroine Winter Widow.


Each of the Hero names share similarities with their relative Trinity member. Sentinel and Superman begin with an 'S' and have eight letters. Battle and Batman begin with 'Bat' and have six letters, and Wonder Woman and Winter Widow have the double W alliteration and have a combination of eleven letters. Even their real names are inspired by the original Trinity, the first initials of each of the original Trinity names are CBD, which is the same as mine, but in a different order, it's the same with the last names. And each first and last name combination have the same number of syllables.


Please critique

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But...But... Why?

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