So which Death of the Family tie-ins have been good?

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Been following Batgirl and I have to say, it's been lackluster.

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Not many to be completely honest. I've read nearly all of them up to this point and here is my breakdown:

Catwoman - Not that great. The tie ins have basically just been mentions that throw the regular (not so great) Catwoman story off its momentum

Suicide Squad - The Harley/Jokey stuff is pretty good, but it is brief in both tie-in issues and then goes back to the uninteresting normal story

Batgirl - Although you have said it is lackluster, I have found Batgirl to be one of the better of the tie ins. She has an actual history with the Joker and there is some real emotion behind it. It also doesn't seem forced like the other tie ins have been.

Batman & Robin - Really good tie in issue. The artwork and dialogue in the one issue so far are really creepy and push the regular story further. If you read only one other tie in, I say make it this one.

Nightwing - Artwork is cool, but like the others it feels kind of forced. The quality is good, but overall I did not find it as interesting.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - Just okay. Fairly by-the-numbers tie in issue. Nothing spectacular, but not completely awful.

Teen Titans - Not sure yet because it has not arrived in the mail yet.

Detective Comics - Great. Really good stuff. Detective was fairly lackluster in the past but with the new creative team in the last few issues it is really great. As far as being a death of the family tie in it isn't really necessary to the overall story, but the story in this book is worth reading on its own merits.

So overall I would say if you haven't been happy with Batgirl check out Batman & Robin or Detective Comics. The rest are pretty much unnecessary and don't do much to expand upon Death of the Family story. So far I do not feel I have gained much if anything from reading the tie ins. If you are only reading batman you will still get the same impact.

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Yeah, I chose to pick up Batgirl because of the existing history and I like Gail as the writer. But the artwork has been 1/2 and 1/2 each issue. Aside from the kinda cool wedding gimmick, it's also been very predictable. Babs reliving all this emotional trama, fantasizing how she's going to kill Joker. At the end you know it's going to be some lameass ending where Joker says, "I misjudged you, Babs. You've shown me you are really a strong, independent woman who also has emotions." I'll have to check out that B & R. Thx.

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I'd say this: Catwoman: pointless and forgettable! Batgirl: a must have and a story fans have waited for years. Nightwing: I personally enjoyed it although not everyone did so its hit and miss, although it was bullseye for me. Red hood and the outlaws: ok but a ton of wasted potential, it should have been more like the batgirl one or like under the red hood with the roles flipped. Suicide squad: my least favourite tie in and in my opinion the worst one. It would have been good if it involved the original origin and different setting. IMO bad premise and worse execution. Batman and robin: excellent tie in and better than expected. Detective comics: very interesting and refreshing by instead focusing on the impact on the city instead of his allies. Teen titans: to early to tell but I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy where it's headed. I'm kinda curious if there might be one in batman the dark knight or if it will spill over into justice league although that might be too far in logic.

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You guys forgot about Batman the Dark Knight which actually is a tie in compared to the Detective Comics ones lol.

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I like almost all of them so far! Teen Titans seemed a little shoehorned in, but the whole series great to follow.

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I enjoyed the Batman And Robin tie in and Nightwing wasnt horrible i didnt care for the Detective comics tie in bc i really didnt feel like it was a tie in the teen titans and the red hood were pretty good as well.

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Picked up the Batman & Robin tie-in. WOW! Really great dialogue in this one. Makes me wonder if I should make room on my pull list for this title. I typically like my Batman with a little Robin from time to time, but I've been holding out for that new Justice League title that's coming out. Meh, decisions, decisions...

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