reading order for grant morrison's batman run by trade

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can anyone give me the reading order by trade?

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Batman & Son, Batman: The Black Glove, Batman: RIP, Final Crisis, Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn, Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman & Robin: Batman & Robin Must Die, Batman Inc.

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Follow this READING ORDER 
Batman 682 and 683 are collected in the Batman:RIP trade, and can be read with the rest of the trade, as opposed to in the middle of Final Crisis.  

All the Final Crisis stuff is collected in the Final Crisis trade
Batman and Robin 1-6 are in Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn 
Batman and Robin 7-12 are in Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin 
Batman 700-703 are in Batman: Time and the Batman 
Batman and Robin 13-16 are in Batman and Robin: Batman Must Die 
So your final reading order would look like this: 
Batman and Son 
The Black Glove 
Batman Rip 
Final Crisis 
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (Not Morrison, and not essential, but good nonetheless) 
Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn 
Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin (Chapters 1-3) 
Batman: Time and the Batman (Chaper 1) 
Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin (Chapters 4-6) 
The Return of Bruce Wayne 
Batman and Robin: Batman Must Die (Chapters 1-3) 
Batman:Time and the Batman (Chapters 2-3) 
Batman and Robin: Batman Must Die (Chapter 4) 
Yeah, it gets messy at the end, but that's comicbooks for you! When you've got multiple ongoing series' featuring the same characters, things tend to overlap. 
I'm not sure if this is the optimum order, but it should all work out. I'm only up to Batman RIP. My local comics shop is out of Final Crisis till Wednesday, so I'm stuck waiting :( 
P.S. Be sure to check the price of the back issues vs the collection price, especially on those pesky hardcovers. I only mention it because I made that mistake recently :(

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Glad someone brought this up :)

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Thank you guys :)

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This blog post goes into a heap of detail and is pretty useful for me when I started reading them.

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@darkknight1939: Yes, I soon realized this is quite an old list and as I searched on across the internet, I found the same blog post as you are referring to. It looks really good, it just misses The Batman and Time that is mentioned here. Just ordered the first couple of trades, so I'll be up to speed soon. I can't wait, I love Grant Morrison :)

Edit: I meant Time and the Batman instead of The Batman and Time. Woops!

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this is my list, bold ones are the most necessary

The Complete Grant Morrison Batman Run and Relevant Tie-ins (Pre-New 52)*

0) The Black Casebook(old Batman comics that Morrison references)

1) Batman and Son(Batman 655-658, 663-666)

2) The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul ###

3) The Black Glove (Batman 667-669, 672 –675)

4) Heart of Hush (Batman #846-#850)

5) Batman RIP (Batman 676-678)

6) Robin (175-176)

7) Batman RIP(Batman 679-681)

8) Outsiders (11-13) ###

9) Nightwing (147-150)

10) Last Rites - Last Days of Gotham (Detective Comics 851, Batman 684)

11) RIP Missing Chapter(Batman 701)

12) Final Crisis(1-5)

13) Last Rites - Batman(Batman 682-683)

14) Final Crisis (6-7)

15) RIP Missing Chapter(Batman 702)

16) Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader (Batman 686, Detective Comics 853) ###

17) Last Rites - Nightwing (151-153)

18) Last Rites - Faces of Evil Epilogue (Detective Comics 852, Batman 685)

19) Robin (183)

20) Battle for the Cowl

21) Batman Reborn(Batman 687)

22) Batman and Robin (1-12)

23) The Return of Bruce Wayne (1-4)

24) The Road Home Prequel (Batman 703) ###

25) Time and the Batman (Batman 700)

26) Batman and Robin (13-14)

27) The Return of Bruce Wayne (5-6)

28) Batman and Robin (15-16)

29) The Road Home ###

30) Batman:The Return

31) Batman, Inc (1)

32) Batman and Robin (17-25) ###

33) Batman, Inc (2-8)

34) Batman, Inc - Leviathan Strikes!

### - it’s not necessary for understanding of the continuity, but everything on this list is worth

reading at least once just to say you have read it

* - an understanding of Final Crisis and the tie-ins to that would certainly help, and some people

would argue are relevant, but I only wanted to include Batman and Batfamily stuff on this list

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@uncleemu: Wow. Thank you sir, words cannot express my gratitude! Looking forward to reading all of this!

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Really glad someone made this as i've been meaning to collect all of his run on Batman and just read it straight through.

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Does anyone know if they made any more graphic novels for this story arc? I know they made Nightwing The Great Leap which includes issues (147-153) and Batman: Hush Money which includes (Detectives Comics 852, Batman 685, Batman: Streets of Gotham 1-4), Batman: Long Shadows (batman 687-691), Robin: search for a hero (robin 177-183),

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@uncleemu: To be more complete he also referenced "Dark knight, dark city", and also did a earlier story before his long run: "Gothic"

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@uncleemu: Now that new 52 is over, your list can be enhenced with :

  • Batman and Robin new 52 trade 1 to 3
  • Batman Incorporated new 52
  • Batman and Robin new 52 trade 4 to 7 <= To complete
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@jb681131: Is Batman Gothica canon?

And how is it never read it?

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@lxlgiftedlxl said:

@jb681131: Is Batman Gothica canon?

And how is it never read it?

I will gess you mean the story "Gothic" and not "Gothica". It is a story from "Legends of the Dark Knight" title. Stories from this title are initialy meant to be stand alone stories. Most "Legends fo the Dark Knight" stories feature solo adventures. Even if they are not necessarely canon, you can still fit them in Batman's timeline. Since they are solo stories, you can concider them early Batman stories, before the presence of Robin.

As for the quality of the story, I found it a good read. It is one of the first modern story where the plot involves Gotham's past. I also like the fact that it's mobsters asking Batman for help. In all it is a good Dark stories.

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@jb681131: Thanks Ill definitely check it out.

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