Question about Batman: Arkham City (possible spoilers)

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This has been bugging me since I played it the first time over a year ago. After you beat Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge, he sends you into Solomon Grundy's lair by blowing up the floor of the lounge, right? Afterwards, you are back in the Lounge, which you revisit a couple more times, and the floor is intact and there is no sign of the Grundy arena. Can anybody give me any insight to this? I've looked all over the Lounge to find a boarded up hole or something, but I can't.

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#2 Posted by GodOfMischief (708 posts) - - Show Bio

@Kal'smahboi: I wondered that too, probably just a mistake made in the game.

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#3 Posted by FatihBATMAN (1395 posts) - - Show Bio

Its after all a game....but you made up a good point, havent thought about that at all until now.

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