Nolan's Batman Trilogy

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Am I the only one who thinks that Nolan's Batman trilogy messed up things for future comic book movies? I just think that from now on whenever a director wants to take a more dark & complex approach at a certain superhero, they will automatically compare it to Nolan's work and I don't think it's fair at all. People were comparing ASM to The Batman films and I still don't see any similarities. What do you guys think?

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They were the first decently done dark superhero films, so future comparisons while anoying are inevitable. Have they screwed things up for movies? Not at all, they paved the way for that type of film. Just look at Man of Steel.

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People are always comparing movies to other movies, saying "so and so" copied or "stole" such and such idea from said movie. Just look at the new Star Trek movie or Pacific Rim, the first trailers for those movies were just released this past week and people have already compared them to The Dark Knight and Transformers. Same will happen when the Justice League movie comes around as people will compare it to Avengers and so forth.

But do I think it will hurt future comic book movies? Nah, in my opinion, people who start comparing movies like Amazing Spider-Man or whatever to another movie, like The Dark Knight, are just trying to find something to complain about; simply as that. We're going to have comic book movies with dark storylines, Batman isn't the only character to be "dark and gritty" despite what some might argue.

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It raised the bar?

What a f**king tragedy.

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