MY THEORY: Batman Death of the Family ENDING

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Here is a new theory of mine I thought of today regarding what's under the silver platter joker shows to each of the bat family members in the last pages of their tie-ins, and NO, I don't believe it is Alfred. Ok, so at the end of batman 16- spoilers- joker has batman strapped to his throne with the silver platter on his knee (batman unconscious). Now, the platter in this comic has NO BLOOD compared to the platter in each and everyone of the tie ins... Mistake? I don't think so! My theory: what will be under that platter?? BRUCE WAYNE'S FACE!!!! Cut off by joker!! WHY!? Because just like joker did himself, it would symbolize re birth, I believe joker thinks Bruce Wayne is batman's true alter ego, and the one that holds him back! What, with adopting the robins, having a son etc. cutting of his face would symbolically be killing the family and only having batman! What do you think?

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That would be pretty cool but i doubt it i agree being Bruce Wayne does hold Batman back

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I don't see it happening.

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