Is anyone actually excited for Beware the Batman?

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I realized that I have no interest in the upcoming Beware the Batman. Maybe its:

-DC Nation's hyped return.

-the lack of recent news on the series. I practically forgot about it.

-the CGI. I'm just not a fan. Also, the artist really stylized compared to Green Lantern: TAS. (My hopes were for a shared universe)

-the lack of "familar" villians. Obviously comic fans know Professor Pyg, though at least The Batman featured mainstream villians. Villians with radically altered designs and backstories, but still familar. I have nothing against using B-list characters instead of the same ones over and over again. I just don't think Prof Pyg and Mr Toad are as "strong" as Joker, Two-Face, or Freeze.

-an immediately recognizable supporting cast. I'm sure a Robin will come along. I'm sure a Batgirl will come along. Heck, maybe Dick will have laready been Nightwing and Jason returns as the Red Hood. But Katana? Yes, she's connected to Batman, but I'd rather see an Outsider with the Outsiders, and introduced later. I'm not digging the gun-toting Alfred, either.

I'm remaining optimistic, but I have literally no excitement toward the series' premiere right now. What about everyone else?

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Dupe. Can I get a lock?

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