Imagine Batman with a superpower

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If they were to give Batman a superpower what would it be, im just a little curious i would give him teleportation
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Telepathy, lol!

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Apparently the writers didn't feel the need to stop at just one.  As the Insider Suit had Batgirl comparing him to Amazo. 
As far as the readers are concerned, even a completely subtle and passive "non-power" like probability manipulation, enhanced intelligence, etc. would make Batman much less interesting.

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He already has a super power, it's called Prep, :-P

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Darkness manipulation probably.

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@Metatron_Da_Don said:
" "
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I dont know if any of you read manga but in Rosario vampire there is this power(jugen hou) that allows the user to delay theyre existance. it gives them intangability, and a some-what teleport.
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In all seriousness, probabl teleporting. Sometimes it seems he already has it, as long as no one is looking. Like Michael Myers. You never see Myers run, but you drive miles away from him and turn a corner then BANG there he is.
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he dont need one
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He actually has all the powers mention however they are powered by hugs...and well...thats why he doesn't use the.

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Ok well most will agree that half of batmans appeal is that he doesn't have a super power. But if I HAD to give him one for some very strange reason it would be Intuitive engineering akin to Forge of the marvel universe. This would just trick him out with a cooler cat plane etc and all in all it would just give his standard genius a helping hand.

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@Affliction said:

"Being Batman is a superpower. "


The Goddamn Batman


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The ability to grow his eyelashes at will.

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He have a super power tha best of all, he is THE GODDAMN BATMAN!!

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Batman has no need for superpowers, he is epic enough as he is. The world would probably implode, if he got any cooler! <3

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No thanks.  Don't need the excitements of old-fashioned fisticuffs cheapened by some "super power".
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@Gammbitt said:
"I dont know if any of you read manga but in Rosario vampire there is this power(jugen hou) that allows the user to delay theyre existance. it gives them intangability, and a some-what teleport. "

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I would make him unable to be attacked by viruses, bacteria or poisons. So basically up his immune system to invulnerable.   

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Giving Batman a superpower violates the very being of Batman. He is not supposed to have powers. I can't imagine him with any. If I must address the question, however, I would say flight, because he is a bat. However, he manages to fly pretty well without it.

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Batman/Bruce has a power. The power of money to buy and make all those gadgets.

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Batman is just too epic for superpowers, but if he got one, I can see him with an ability to create mirages, or transforming himself into a swarm of bats to get around.

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Batman can already own any comicbook character ever! This man lost his parents when he was 10, had his back broken over Bane's knee, friggin DIED and did it all in spandex. NO POWERS NECESSARY.
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@Aiden Cross said:
" Darkness manipulation probably. "
umbrakinesis would be a cool ability for him, though he seems to manipulate the dark around him just find without an actual super power y'know?
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Bruce never needs powers. Powers need Bruce.

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give him 2 pokeballs. One with Chuck Norris and one with Bruce Lee.

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 He might be getting powers if the latest Brightest Day is any indication, the ending has Deadman and Dove looking for the bearer/guardian of the white ring and then the bat signal appears in the sky and then he states that the ring was waiting for Batman all this time.

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Damn it! I take it back. New Brightest Day screws this idea.

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Nothing...he wouldnt be Batman. 

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Obviously, the only superpower that would fit Batman is Ass-Kickery.

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I think that being rich is a superpower. I mean, look at Tony Stark.

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if he could fly (not glide, but fly) he would swoop down and destroy injustice.

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yes but Batman having powers makes Batman not Batman
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Really Dude?? I mean isn't the point of batman that he doesn't have powers and he's still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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who needs a superpower when you can do THIS?!
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The ability to control black holes would be cool. Maybe even dark matter/dark energy manipulation .

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that would be shifting to a black smoke..

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Didn't they give him a white ring? As if he didn't already have the best technology now he gets it from space. If I could give him a super power it would be healing factor. Not as strong as Wolverines but enough. He'd really freak out his enemies then.

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the only power he really needs is the ability to negate super powers, seriously how terrified would your average super powered thug be if his powers suddenly disappeared and then batman shows up to kick his ass

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well since hes been a lantern at least twice now thats out. Give him some chi realated powers make him iron first batman for extreme brutal fighting skills.

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In that clip, I think if he hit the floor, Earth would have said "ow". Because he's Batman!

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he already beat supermans ass wen he was an old guy could you imagine if he had a superpower, he would be the extreme overlord fuckin beatin the shit out of everybody

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he would still fail as a superhero.

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Okay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
Batman with superpowers sucks.  His appeal lies in the fact that he's a man who's trained and studied to achieve what he has and that, conceivably, we could as well.

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