How could Batman have died?

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So we've heard it all from DC, all of the crisis' have not happened in the New 52. This over course leads to a lot of questions as to what has happened, what hasn't, and frankly how could Batman have gone through Return of Bruce Wayne without going through Final Crisis first?

One way I think it could have happened is when The Justice League boom tubed to get around they landed on Apokolips and Batman was captured for Darkseid's plan, which then kind of follow how the events unfolded following his death. (For anyone wondering- Cyborg is able to use Boom Tubes to travel but has malfunctioned several times and transported the League to Apokolips by accident).

What do you guys think? How do you think Batman could have died in the New 52?

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Maybe Final Crisis never happened?

Oops, I meant Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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He was killed once by the Cookie Monster!!!

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He's into some weird stuff in the bedroom but never had a ends badly all the time just ask Michael hutchence.

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@ScarletBatman said:

Maybe Final Crisis never happened?

Oops, I meant Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Actually, I'm pretty sure it didn't happen, because it looks like parallel earths are a new thing for people in Earth 0.

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It doesn't have to be anything complicated. He could have just been shot or something, clinically died, and was out of commission for a while. But in all sincerity, I would guess it was something involving Darkseid.

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