Harley Quinn's conversion

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Hey all, I'm brand new to the website... and holy crap, I had no idea something so awesome existed.... Thanks for telling me guys... super cool. Anyway, as such I'm not too sure if this question/issue has been raised in other posts but it's something I've thought about for a long time. The conversion (or should we say corruption?) of Harley Quinn is something that has always fascinated me yet hasn't received much attention from writers. Of course I've read Mad Love and watched the Animated Series religiously, but to me the corruption of Harley doesn't seem to have the showing I thought it would. Is it just me? Am I missing something? I'm pretty new to Batman but I've done my homework and it seems like Mad Love (as great as it is) cheaply brushed over how Harleen Quinzel came so heavily under the Joker's control. She just instantly fell head over heels for him the moment she saw him on her first day on the job? C'mon people. There's got to be more to it than that. It would be beautiful to see a story illustrating the chaotic genius and talents of the Joker at play in the corruption of Harley Quinn. I will give Paul Dini and Bruce Timm credit where it's due for allegorically addressing relationship trends in the 90s, but this does seem to be a bit of a game of "let's blame the victim." Putting the fault of Harley's demise on herself isn't really hitting home as a character flaw so much as it seems to be a cheap escape from delving into Joker's powers of persuasion and psychological manipulation. I mean this seems like a pretty big plot hole to me. She becomes completely dependent on the Joker so much that she's willing to go so far as to kill just to please him but we don't know why other than what we can pull from Mad Love.

I would like to go into this further right now but I want to pause to see if any of you have a suggestion of something I might have missed out there in the comic ether or perhaps allow you to chime in with your own 2 cents on the matter. Does anyone else think her immediate fall for the joker was too cheap?

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Well she was a bit ditzy and the Joker can easily manipulate people so put them both together and we see how she fell for him. I think it's a shame how the new 52 reboot completely changed Harley Quinn. :(

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If you want to read more about harley's conversion read Suicide Squad 6-9 ( I think that's the hunt for Harley Quinn story)

No idea why she fell in love with him, I think it might be after she had meetings with him that she realised how much she loved him.

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I wouldn't mind seeing how she developed her insanity more, really get into the mind of Harleen Quinzel. And while we are at it, I would actually love to see the whole Batman universe get diagnosed. Sorry insane for me doesn't cut it, thats just a legal term. I really do want to know what ailes their psychology, including Batman and any of the heroes.

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