Grant Morrison Batman Run

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I was wondering if Grant Morrison's Batman/Batman & Robin/Batman incorporated run Is worth reading. I recently got into reading batman and have already read

Batman: Year One

Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: Gates Of Gotham

Batman Vol.1 (N52)

Batman Vol.2 (N52)

I'm trying to build my own batman continuity were all the stories are in the same vain as each other. I heard that Morrison has done a great job writing Batman, but I also heard that that his run can sometimes come off as being a little too campy and sometimes inconsistent. Also Morrison's run consists of almost 10 trades which will cost a great deal of time and money. I would appreciate the feedback.

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G-Mozz's run is very well received - many love it and it's critically acclaimed.

Start with Batman: Black Glove Deluxe Edition which collects the first two trades to see if you'll like it.

It most likely will get omnibus treatment in the future, though that might take years.


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Here's a blog i found about grant morrisons batman and the issues so far

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I have most of Grants Batman run, from Batman and Son threw Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne, I'd recommend it.

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It's uh... not for everyone. Grant is very weird and a little out there with his allusions and story callbacks. I, however, love his run, and would recommend at least giving it a shot. Batman and Son is pretty normal, but things get wacky once you hit Black Glove territory, and then they sort of barrel ahead with the wacky and never look back.

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You should give it a shot, I'd easily consider it the best run on the character so far. I can't recommend it enough.

As Billy Batson said, the first book to get would be Batman: The Black Glove - deluxe edition, then you follow that with Batman: RIP, Final Crisis, Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, Batman and Robin: Batman vs. Robin, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die, Batman Incorporated vol. 1, and Batman Incorporated: Demon Star. Then you could get Batman: Time and the Batman, which fits in between RIP and Final Crisis, but it's not entirely necessary to understand the run.

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Its the best Batman run IMO but as @vaizd said its not for everyone. Still you could give it a try.

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Best superhero run ever, so yeah, worth a look.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone I'm going to purchase Batman: The Black Glove Deluxe Edition. If I enjoy it I'll most likely read R.I.P.

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