Dark Knight Rises secret message [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

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If you're like me, and have been watching the Nokia trailer over and over for the past 2 hours, you'll have picked up on a few things. That Christian Bale looks damn menacing in that suit? Yeah, obviously. But I'm more focusing on what isn't seen. 
The music.
The lyrics for the chant is 'Deshi Basara' which is Arabic for 'He Rises'. Now, that immediately rang my alarm bells, because Ra's al Ghul is of Arabic descent. Call me someone speculating for the sake of speculating, but I'd like to draw your attention to a couple of things. One of the principal filming locations for the film was India. Why would they film in India? Bane doesn't originate from India, Batman has no reason to go to India - where's the correlation? I bring you to the second aspect that fuels my attention, the fact that both Liam Neeson has been cast, and the fact that they cast a young Talia al Ghul. The girl who is playing the young Talia, actually got into trouble because she leaked that she was playing the role. 
Now, these aspects aside, let's talk about the 'He Rises' aspect. It could just be a reference to the fact that Batman will rise from the proverbial ashes of Gotham, but my question is, why put it into Arabic? Why not Latin? They chose Arabic because there is, in my mind, a direct correlation with Ra's al Ghul. 
Could he be Bane? Could the image of a green screen inside a pit not be fake? Am I just wasting my life in manic preparation for this movie?

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Bump! I'm parched for discussion. xD

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@Augment: One Deshi Basara could mean many things, also Ras isnt arabic, he is chinesse, he got into Arabia with his family from China, thats why he knew Kung Fu, thats why Batman train in China, many people forget this for some reason.

Also India and China from the last 2000 years, in 1800 years used to be the most powerfull economies in the world, is only in the last 200 that the USA and Europe became more powerfull, for the same it makes total sense an old secret society as old as they live in China and India, also there is a past that explains who they are, the Thugs.

thugs, was a religious cult and an organized gang of professional assassins who traveled in groups across India for several hundred years. They were first mentioned in the Ẓiyāʾ-ud-Dīn Baranī (English: History of Fīrūz Shāh) dated around 1356. In the 1830s they were targeted by William Bentinck, along with his chief captain William Henry Sleeman, for eradication. They were seemingly destroyed by this effort.

The thugs would join travellers and gain their confidence. This would allow them to then surprise and strangle them by tossing a handkerchief or noose around their necks. The killings were performed in honour of the goddess Kali and were very ritualistic. They would then rob the bodies of valuables and bury them. This led them to also be called Phansigar (English: using a noose), a term more commonly used in southern India.

Just think about it, we hear about the Thugs in 1356, but that dont means it was created in that year, they could have been older.

In 2008 i think, thay attacked again(This was an small new because, well lets face it, say that the Thug are back is like say Ninjas are back), even after the fact the british goverment, pretty much kill all of them, some of them survive and look they are back on action.

Loading Video...

Yeah the Thugs are back, that means the Ninjas could survive too, damn it , i should buy that Anti Ninja Spray.

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This is more like speculation rather then a spoiler bit it's possible i guess

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@Augment: Who ever started this silly rumor that Deshi Basara is in Arabic is wrong. Its not Arabic at all in any dialect.

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@batshrine: Some guy that was working in the movie.

The guy said it was moroccan arabic.

For all i know, it makes no sense to use word in arabic, since Ras is actually chinesse.

Also, i know a guy that talks maghreb and says it sounds like it, also it mean they are talking a dialect from the north of africa.

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The thing is I understand Moroccan arabic, so it must be berber and not arabic

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@batshrine: Well they say it mean he rises or it rises, we know it means that, the problem is that people decide that since Ras is "arabic".

So far there is no evidence is even a real thing.

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