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This might sound ridiculousl. Did I spell that right, I'm drinking? What ever. The Dark Knight Rises is coming out soon. The title is already taken from an issue of DKR. I just wonder what he film will have in it from the story. Watchmen came out and people either loved it or hated it. I was never a huge fan of the book, but I know this. It's because of something that I don't get. It's classic, and I won't argue that. Not at my age. People can have their tastes. Growing up a fan tho I was always heard this argument. Which is better. Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen. I'm a DKR fan. I did like the Watchmen movie and thought that anyone that is a fan of the book should be happy with how well the film was. Sure there were fans that bitched and complained. expected from fanboys. What ever. I saw and thought that Snyder should do DKR. He was faitful to Watchmen enough that I would asume he would be to DKR. The only thing in DKR that he might not be faithful to is Reagon as prez, but then again his portayle (spelled wrong) is that of humor.........sort of............It also has the cold war in it which many of you don't even remember so Reagon might be in it. The Joker did not die in the Dark Knight. Supposedly Batman will be finished at the end of Nolans trilogy. Does't matter. DKR, like the comic, is a stand alone. It could work on film too. Batman on film is now a serious character so making a .......side film so to speak...........could still work. After all, Batman does not exist so DKR could be made. Plus Superman is in it. I think they should make it. Studios would make insane money just by selling the fact that Batman and Superman will fight. My question is tho. Who could play Batman as an old man. He's 50 in the book but looks 60 at times. I saw "The Thomas Crown Affair". When I saw him as a rich dude and pimped out stealing a "work of art" I thought of Bruce Wayne. I didn't think of Batman. Batman is easy to play, Bruce Wayne is not. Peirce is a good if not great actor. He's proven his versatily. He could easily do an older good looking playboy. If there is one thing Bruce Wayne is, it's good looking. He can do a bad guy "tailor of Panama" Batman is not a badguy but an older Bruce needs to be played like he's a nutjob, because one thing DKR displays is Batman as a crazy mother fucker. and he is. Who do you think could play the rolls in the movie. An older Joker, Bruce Wayne (not Batman), and Superman. Remember........................................all are older.

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Mel Gibson as Batman

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@Onemoreposter said:

I would say George Clooney, but then again, he already played (unless I'm mistaken) Batman...with the bat nipples.

Mel Gibson as Batman

I second this.

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