Could Joseph Gordon Levitt continue the franchise???

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Before seeing Dark Knight Rises I said "NO WAY IN HELL" Then after seeing the movie I said "If done correctly".

It seems to me like Levitt might have had a slightly larger roll then Bale. More speaking lines at least. I heard the rumors and thought is was stupid with the whole Robin idea, but I'm also one of those guys that doesn't mind spoilers. After seeing them on screen I thought they worked. Nolan has said he's done with this Batman franchise but not with a differant character as Batman. Nolan has changed Batman enought that I don't see people complaining because it worked. People, myself included, praise what he's done and love it. He put makeup on the Joker. That's sacrilage right there, but it worked. I could see Levitt take up the mantle. I can see Nolan produce it and it work. If he produces it then he'll okay the script and that is were the important part is at. The right script. I'd be interested to see Levitt tale of training to become Batman. Even Waynes tale of Batman was cut down. I don't know if people noticed this but when Bruce first enter the League of Shadows house he does a few differant martial art styles that Ras calls out. "Panther-Tiger" This let me know that while on his journery Bruce learned how to fight. With Ras he learned how to be a ninja and use fear and darkness. I'm just saying I might actually like a Robin as Batman over a reboot. what do you people think.

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Nolan's movies were great. But I think I'm glad he's done now. I want to see a different take on Batman in film next rather than another continuation.

John Blake was certainly interesting as a character but I don't think I like him as a Robin or a Batman.

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I would like to see him continue.

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what people don't understand was that he was suppose to represent the first 3 robins, but most people think he represents Tim Drake the most which i kind of agree with. they MADE his LEGAL name Robin.. he's not suppose to become robin.

at first i thought he would become Nightwing.. but then I put it together and he's just suppose to become Batman. with that being said... i don't really think theyre going to continue it from there. that's the ending. John Blake becomes Batman but that's it. Nothing to it. It's all imagination from that point. They're not gonna continue it from there. it was an ending to know that Batman lives on even if it isn't Bruce Wayne :D

eventually they'll reboot batman years from now. maybe sooner than you think. but highly doubt it will be Levitt. it's gonna be a different director, and it's gonna be a different universe.

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Ehhh...nah. I think Rises was a perfect conclusion to a great trilogy. Just let us imagine Robin John Blake becoming Nightwing for Nolanverse Gotham now and nothing more I say.

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No they should let it end.

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Levitt will not continue being batman, the reason for this is because that story is over. It would be too confusing to just make JGL Bruce Wayne in the next Batman movie and WB would not do that.

At the end of DKR you are really just supposed to be of the understanding that he continues the legacy and that's it. The End.

Like i have told thousands of people. Nolan's batman movies are an "Elseworlds" title. It's one story and that is it. It has nothing to do with any batman movie before and wont have anything to do with any of them in the future.

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A catwoman spin off is more likely.

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A part of me hopes they leave Nolan's universe alone. Don't want it spoiled, ya know. On the other hand, I am curious to see how a John Blake Batman would develop. But I think that is something better left for a Nolanverse Batman follow-up comic even though I'd enjoy seeing Gordon-Levitt bring the role to life. But not without Nolan! And since Nolan isn't coming back.....just do something else. The ideas of having Fassbender play Wayne are intriguing to say the least.

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Yeah I don't think JGL should continue the story. It should done and over. I've noticed you either love this movie or you don;t and a new fresh take is what the character needs. As much as I like John Blake, he has no role in the comics and I think that would piss off more people then it would please.

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Could he? Yes.

Should he? Eh.

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Look what they need to do is Batman and Robin. 12 year old robin. It's the ONE thing they have not done. I DEMAND IT.

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I would not mind him playing Batman however I would have loved it if Nolan actually gave Blake a name at the end of the film instead of just saying "Robin" personally I thought he would turn out to be Jason Todd (The Red Hood) and his outfit at the end of the film did look similar to what The Red Hood wears in the comics. That being said, I do feel that he could be featured in a new Nolan film. I would just like him to be the Red Hood as opposed to Batman.

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@TheOnlyRedHood: Even after making this forum, I'm still undecided if I'd want to see him or not. I don't think anyone could make a better Batman film then the ones that Nolan made. I know Nolan said he's done with "this" franchise, but John Blake as Batman would be a differant franchise. The guy is golden and deserves it. He makes some great movies other then Batman so why return to it. I could see him produce a new story like he's doing with Superman, and it's obvious Snyder is not using his normal style (I'm sure the slow-fast motions will be there). I did notice the ALL 3 Robins depicted in John Blake also. A lot of us fans did. Also, seeing as to how fanboys love to hate the changes made to their characters done in films, I am not one of them. I look at films like an Elesworlds tale. I would be very intertested in seeing where John Blakes future ended up after discovering the Batcave. He showed his detective skills, but he still has to learn how to be a badass, and that's what I would want to see. I think tale could work, and wouldn't mind reading a comic based off of it either. I just don't have a lot of faith in a reboot. I don't want to go thru the orgin of Batman again unless it depicts more of his journey abroad and becoming Batman. I'm not interested in watching him see his parents killed and going crazy. I would't be surprised to see Blake with a sidekick named Robin this time around if they do decide to continue Nolans vision, and there are still a lot of great villains still yet to be used. I was positive that the Penguin was going to be a villian but used as a character that took over the void left of Gothams mob. He'd just be a gangster, and like how Anne Hathaway wasn't called Catwomen, he would just be called Cobblepot and maybe referred to as the Penguin. Black Mask could have been used too, because of his gangster ties, but the Scarecrow was just guy who put on a mask. I don't know. I'm just rambleing, and Iiked your responce to my forum the best so I felt it needed a reply. Thanks for posting.

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@Romulus9000: I want to see Robin also, but not as a 12 year old. I'm a bit of a scrapper and I've been into my share of fights, plus I've boxed and I just know that no matter how much training a 12 year old gets he's not tough enough to be a crime fighter. Not at 12. I could see a teenager at something like 16 work better. Have the Robin character start training at 12 and suit up around 16 would be cool, but as long as he doesn't have hair on his balls he shouldn't fight crime. It wouldn't take much to put a 12 year old down. One good hit and he's crying for him mommy. Even on film it would still be weak.

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The Nolan-verse is over.

John Blake becomes a new Batman in the end, but we will never see that in film.

Nolan created a fantastic ending in which both the Batman legend gets to continue and Bruce Wayne gets to move on and have a life. Time for us to let the story rest.

Unless, you know, Chris Nolan has a massive change of heart, decides to do more Batman films, and everything I just said is wrong :)

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Lol, DC isn't making a movie for another 3 years (besides Supes) - they announced it at comic con and Batman will likely be rebooted in 2016 or later... If they make a new Batman movie too quick - it will spark controversy like The Amazing Spider-Man because Raimi's trilogy was good - it's the same case with Nolan's trilogy.

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