Could different people don the Joker alias

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Of all the times Joker has gone from the brink of extinction and surving things that would kill most (but that goes for everybody but 9/10 dosent really have the means to survive whatever it is he survived), do you think that The Joker is just an alias taken under people who started as either small or big time criminals and psychopaths that were brinked to a point of no return instanity (some argue that Joker isn't insane at all, just really weird yet genious compared to most of us and everyday people.)

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I think he is one person and always has been in main stream continuity. I do not think it is a passed down title.

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I say no. Joker has too close of a connection with Batman and company for him to just be a passed down title. I would agree that it is possible for others to be like Joker, like in The Killing Joke, all it would take is a bad day.

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I used to have a theory that Joker was different people, mostly because it fed my desire to make Joker even more of a polar opposite to Batman. While Batman was constant, consistent and unchanging, Joker was erratic, violent and always a different person, the evil of Gotham rising up and attacking Batman.

There's no factual evidence to support Joker is a different person though, it's just a thought.

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couldve sworn this was asked this week already

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Do I think it is the case? No. Batman's skills are too keen to not realize he was different people. However, if they were to do an arc about that, I'd be open minded enough to read it, as I like the idea.

Personally, I'd account for Joker's longevity and death cheating with Joker being a form of meta.

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Maybe he is not a passed down title but a spirit possesing a new host when the old one dies?

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I would say no. If that were to happen, I don't think that readers would believe that the accident happened again and that someone else could do the things that he does. Like get to Batman so bad and leave to pattern. I don't think that another could pull it off and it would make the Joker a little less special. 

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Maybe they already have? We have no way of knowing.

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He may be a bunch of different people but he's always the same guy

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Maybe this is Snyder's big reveal at the end of Death of the Family?

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@Strider92: good point. maybe that's the secret, maybe Batman killed the other Joker. But to answer the qestion, no I don't think anybody else can be the Joker, just like Batman will always be Bruce Wayne (Personally I didn't mind Grayson being Batman, but it just didn't feel right), just like Peter Parker will always be Spider-man (If Slott does replace him, they are going to bring him back somehow).

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My post was more saying its possible he might think he's different people

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They could but not effectively.

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hell no

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Batman and the Joker have too much history together so I don't think having a new or mulitple Joker's would work. Also, Batman would recognise that it's a different person. But due to the Joker's gradual changes in personality and character, it's almost like having a new Joker. He seems to recreate himself each day. I like the idea of people with tragic histories being transformed and twisted by the Joker into a a villain much like Harley Quinn was.

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Hmm... if theres an arc comihg up about that id happily read it!

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