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Ok lets face it Batman having a quick reboot is a mistake, Spiderman show us people for the better or the worst, just hate new things, it confuse them and make them angry.

So we really need to live this with Batman? again, the last time DC change of directors and visions, people got mad and angry, even with Nolan after so many years, many people hated his movies because he wasnt Tim Burton and that confuse them, even when Burton did a bad job.

Also it would help Batman, to see him in another light.

So it would be more easy to see him in movies without being the main character.

Deathstroke Movie: Antagonist.

Sorry guys, but Green Arrow is not a risk for Deathstroke, i mean, isnt him pretty much the Evil Batman?

Besides Deathstroke vs Batman as final fight, sound better that Deathstroke vs Green Arrow.

Main reason to see him as the antagonist, it would help Batman to be in the other side, it would be something new and would help to build a movie universe where you can see a bigger picture.

Beside if Rocket Raccoon can have his own movie, any character can.

Man of Steel 2: Best Friend/Rival

Ok, How could you build a JL movie?, having Batman and Superman in a movie first, then you could jump to the rest of the team.

Since WB wants a JL movie, it needs to understand that Batman and Superman are the key for that movie to happen, i mean as much as people want to belive Wonder Woman is as big as Batman and Superman, newflash she isnt, she is as big as Green Lantern and Flash.

If their relatioships is build before getting into the JL movie, it would help the JL to move faster in other things and build the other characters.

Nightwing: Father Figure

Ok, many people hates the fact we dont see the Batfamily that often, but there is a reason, Batman works better alone that with a side kick, thats is the main reason why the Joker will never team up with Harley Quinn in a Batman movie, a side kick makes them look weak, but having a son is another thing an equal and lets face it as much as people want to belive, Robin is always going to be a side kick, that why Nightwing makes sense.

Having Batman as a father would help to people notice Bruce and Batman have emotions and are heroes because of this ones, isnt the fact he uses a suit and the fact he is the most perfect human ever, is the fact he has a reason to fight, having the Batfamily makes sense, since pretty much shows him as a complete human and make the whole insane crap go away, also it change his reason to fight, today Bruce Wayne fights for other reason, his reason changed as he changed with time, he does it for all the rest of people, but the most important he does it for himself and his family.

Beside it would help if you see Jason and Tim in that movie or movies.

Gotham PD: Ally

I am sure i am not the only person that belive Law and Order Gotham makes more sense that CSI Miami, Law and Order Los Angeles, Law and Order UK, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order Elevator Inspector Unit, Law and Order Special Letters Unit, Law and Order Civil Protections Unit, Law and Order Petty Crime Unit, Law and Order Criminal Trial Bikini Bottom, Law and Order Bicycle Cop Unit, Law and Order Ace Attorney, Law and Order Power Rangers Unit, Law and Order Administration Unit, Law and Order Toddler Crimen Unit, Law and Order Road Kill Unit, Law and Order Youtube DMCA Unit, Law and Order Magic Friend Unit and any other one they think in this week.

If you dont belive me, look for them in Youtube.

Heck even a Mario one.

In the 16-bit justice system system, kidnapping offenses are considered especially heinous. In the Mushroom Kingdom, the dedicated plumbers who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Super Mario Bros. These are their stories

That was too damn sick.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Batman as an antagonist for Deathstroke...I LOVE IT! And ya I think Batman would make just as an amazing supporting character. But it is important to note that he can only be in these movies fora short period or a cameo or else he can easily overtake it.

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lol funny videos.

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@batshrine: Yeah is a risk, but Batman would help them to make more money and people would care more for this characters, also Batman and Superman should help the other characters to build themselves, they try it with Ironman the problem is that they try this in the Ironman 2 movie, not using Ironman in those guys movies.

Also he would had small time on screen, i mean in Man of Steel you would only need Batman together like 10 minutes or 20.

Nightwing is tricky, but it would help if you use Alfred most of the movie and then, POW Batman gets a father scene and the most intense scene of all the movie, heck you could have Dick as bigger brother and Jason as antagonist and Tim as the younger brother.

The good thing about Deathstroke, is that he could keep the weight of Batman, you just need an actor that could give you the Deathstroke in an amazing powerfull performance and Batman isnt a danger.

@FatihBATMAN: To be honest, the Law and Order is pretty damn funny by itself.

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@batshrine said:

@DeathpooltheT1000: Batman as an antagonist for Deathstroke...I LOVE IT! And ya I think Batman would make just as an amazing supporting character. But it is important to note that he can only be in these movies fora short period or a cameo or else he can easily overtake it.

Also it would be very cool to have a Catwoman movie with Batman as romantic interest, the story from Catwomans point of view

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