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Fresh off of blackgate facilities, with a combined sentence of 76--, oops wrong review. From the pages and heart of writer, Grant Morrison, comes the story of Bone breaking himself, Bruce Wayne! As we all know (or what you should know), Bruce wayne is lost in time, no thanks to Darkseids omega eye beams. That happened in 2009 or 2008, with the story (who Grant Morrison also wrote) Final crisis. The caveman, Witch hunter, Pirate and cowboy, Bruce Wayne, comes to issue 5 as a private eye detective. With an issue away with the closing of this series, Grant Morrison begins to reveal the mysteries of Black Glove's origin. With Ryan Sook joining Grant in this issue, things will be smooth sailing for the private eye Bruce Wayne. Or will it! 
Bruce Wayne is a leader of society. He's gone through trouble and grief of course, however his feet always land back on the ground. Grant Morrison is a good writer (I just have to convey that first), however sometimes I and other readers, can't capture what Grant Morrison has for Bruce Wayne and his series. Time traveling is a major problem with today's society of comics. It's a concept that seems to be used with every single publisher, and never gets old or tiring for the fans. Bruce Wayne traveling through major times in America's time line, and also his time is really important to capture. With reading this you've got to understand that, he might be changing stuff in the future because of this little trip into the past. Thank goodness he didn't see his younger self, because that was a high point of the climax in this story. What would he have done if he say kid Bruce in Wayne manor with Alfred? A good question that needs an answer, however it's not going to take major thought in what Bruce might say to his younger self. Grant Morrison has portrayed Bruce Wayne with the utter most certainty, and care. However, I've noticed that Grant adds a special kick for the different time zones that Bruce is in. For example, when Bruce woke up in the hospital he seemed a little to hard broiled detective, than Bruce Wayne detective of modern days. Not knowing that he was being set up by some mystery lady, and Dr. Hurt seemed so "not Bruce Wayne". But, if you can get past all of the goofyness and recalling of Batman's past, then you can really enjoy the book. The black glove is REALLY involved in this series, from RIP (which was written by Grant), Black glove has been a mystery to us as it is to Bruce. SO pick it up, this series is really good. And you will truly like Batman even more, or get reacquainted with the character. 
Artwork 5.6
Writing 3.4
Overall 2.0

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