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a great batman book 0

Batman #1This book is another very good book from dc comics the new 52. this story collects the first six issues of the new Batman series written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Swamp Thing) and the art is by Greg Capullo (Spawn, X-Force). this story follows batman investigating a series of brutal murders in Gotham city, after investigating batman finds out that the prime suspect of these murders is his closest Allie Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing. as the story progresses batman finds out that ...

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If I had to sum up Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Court of Owls in just one word then I would choose ‘history’. However, if I was allowed one more word I think I’d add the prefix ‘(unnecessary)’, brackets included. While Court of Owls is by far and away the best new Batman story I have read in years, Snyder’s desire to give the proceedings an added weight through certain intertwining historical events is questionable tactic that both has merit and yet somehow has a shoehorned feel to it.The his...

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Gotham Owls 0

That was a great volume. It had a great storyline and it showed the history of Gotham. I learned so much from this volume and it was very fun to read. In my opinion, it was worth the time! Overall, this is one that I kept reading. The story was intense and I never knew what to expect. I had never known of the Court of Owls but after reading this, now I do! I loved this volume and overall, I give it a five out of five....

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review of batman the court of owls 0

BATMAN THE COURT OF OWLS.This is volume 1 of A Scott Snyder's batman which is a very important story arc in the new 52 because well,batman is a very important character in the DC universe.At the start of the story batman is trying to control chaos in Arkham,this teases some familiar foes including the riddler,killer croc,mister freeze and two face (just to name a few)after,batman is now inspecting a crime scene where a man named John Doe is used as a human dartboard.Evidence state that the kille...

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4 stars 0

Simple, awesome and one of the greatest comics out there.Scot Snyder is an amazing Batman writer. Bruce Wayne is best portrayed, and all of the characters have different personalities. The plot is easy to follow up, yet it's so interesting and compelling. The art is fantastic, and Greg does great work with drawing the characters, including Batman.An amazing read, pick it up when you can....

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Smile: You're on Cowled Camera 0

I thought I wouldn't get a chance to read this until I found it on the shelf at a local library. Unfortunately, this library doesn't like to get volumes after 1, so this may be my only experience with the New(est) 52 Batman. Snyder impressed me fairly well with The Black Mirror, so I suspected going in this would be fairly good, but I'm glad I read this second, since I would have gone into TBM without as much enthusiasm. Not that this was bad, it just leaves you wanting more, since it's not the ...

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This was an amazing opening act to an unnecessary reboot. 0

Batman joins Commissioner Gordon on a brutal murder case. After examining the body, Batman learns that the man's fingernails had scratched Dick Grayson aka Nightwing at some point. While investigating he learns that Bruce Wayne is next on the list to be killed, and his would-be killers represent an organization calling themselves the Court of Owls. But aren't they a myth? Batman is determined to find out. -summaryAlthough I originally supported the idea of DC rebooting their universe by pointing...

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Court of Owls: A thrilling, thought-provoking and sinister new Dark Knight tale. 0

When DC hired American Vampire and Detective Comics writer Scott Snyder to pen the first Batman #1 in over 70 years, there’s bound to be pressure. But instead of calling upon famous, already-existing rogues, Snyder and penciller Greg Capullo have created a harrowing and thrilling new Dark Knight tale that ultimately delivers.The tight plot is best kept vague, so here goes: a wave of mysterious murders rocks Gotham City, and the Caped Crusader uncovers a brutal new threat: the Court of Owls, but ...

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Better than my expectations for this new foe 1

After I wanted to start reading comics again, after not having done so in about 10 - 15 years, it was difficult to decide where to start. Every story line I'd ever read had moved on so much. Luckily DC had rebooted their universe so I had the chance to get in on the ground floor. First thing I've read from the New 52 is this and I couldn't have started at a better place. The story drags you with it to a deep dark hole where you have to climb out of all on your own. Though I must admit that the...

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My first comic! 0

Court of the Owls was a very well-done comic with a captivating storyline, plenty of action, and strong characters. The comic's emotional storyline was very unique and the dialogues were simply amazing. The art, done by Greg Capullo was very nice as well, giving the comic the feel of a film. While reading, I felt that everything was easy to visualize. Being my first comic, I was very impressed and I think that it will appeal to anyone who has a little background knowledge on Batman. This is a gr...

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Start of a new Batman 0

This is the first Batman comic that I bought and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A definite recommendation for new readers and I hope to go on and finish the entire collection now. A sneak peak is there is change of orientation for a few pages somewhere in the fifth chapter I think. It goes from portrait to landscape to upside down. At first I thought this was a printers error but later found out that it was Snyder's idea to keep it more into the story. So don't go blasting away to your local store fo...

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The Owls are coming! 0

For the past few years, I've dabbled with comics, picking up a graphic novel every now and again. When I saw that the New 52 comics were collected in volumes, I thought it was time to take the plunge. My obvious first choice was this book. I'd heard good things about the Owl arc and Batman had always been a favourite of mine. So the big question is, is this any good? To put it bluntly, yes, it's very good.Snyder and Capullo are a winning team, complementing each others work and the end result is...

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