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In the year 2045, the man who would become the Batman was a world class gymnast and a doctoral candidate in criminology at at the John Jay college of criminal justice in New York. He had always idolized the original Batman, and during the course of writing his thesis on his career discovered his true identity. He soon journeyed to Gotham City, discovering the abandoned Batcave beneath the empty Wayne Manor, fortunately he was in the trophy wing when the first batch of intercontinental ballistics missiles wiped out most of the the Northeast, but thanks to being there he survived.

Fortunately his parents survived the attacks as well, but both were soon killed on a walk through the city because of being Jewish and strong stances on gun control. So he set out to honor their memory, becoming the Batman and attempting to rid New York of all firearms, as well as setting up his headquarters in the Statue of Liberty. Batman is soon forced into a confrontation with western hero Jonah Hex during his adventures in the future, battling him when he comes to New York looking for revenge on him for kidnapping and beating Stiletta.

Power and Abilities

The Batman of 2050 is originally a world class gymnast, as well as being highly intelligent. He has also incorporated various future tech into his costume, including lenses in his cowl allowing him to and antigravity disks in his costume giving him the ability of flight.

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