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Batman Lil’ Gotham #18 Review –“Duffy always gets do the dirty work even on her day off!”


Since the day I started reading comics I never read any kids comics. I have heard of Tiny Titans and Superman Adventures being the best ones. But I have yet to read them and I definitely will when I get the chance. I was excited when I read the announcement of Batman Lil’ Gotham mainly because of design. Yes, they look so cute! But ever since I started reading them, it’s been okay. I think having every issue with a holiday or season theme seem to restrict a bit. I also can’t understand why the villains are being arrested for no reason like just having a dinner party. It just seems like they are just getting arrested because…you know they’re the bad guys. Anyways, this seems to be a good issue and it’s pretty funny. So, I think this one is worth picking up.


Jenna Duffy decides to take the day off to work on her personal project. But she constantly gets interrupted by villains. So she tries her best to avoid them or give good advice.

The Good

When I read this issue I immediately scratched my head on who Jenna Duffy is. So I looked up on her wiki and it seems like she’s only appeared very recently since 2008. The story pretty much tells you what she normally does like in previous comics like working as a mechanic to fix stuff for villains. This issue does a good demonstration of that. It was very funny and entertaining to see her interact with numerous villains even a few surprises like Hush, Lobo, Lex Luthor and even the clay girl who appeared in Batman TAS! Plus, I thought her little Boston terrier dog was so adorable and it reminds me of an actual Boston terrier I know.

The Bad

The only bad thing I could say about this issue is that we never got to know what the personal project was. It was just pretty much forgotten the whole time and she never even finishes it. So, I don’t know why it’s in the issue solicit. I also couldn’t understand why she just didn’t pick up her phone. But if she did that I guess we wouldn’t have this story. (Laughs) I also kind of wish the next issue could have been her dealing Damian and Batman.


I gave this issue a 4/9 out of 5/10 stars. It’s a funny entertaining issue I suggest you pick up. You will definitely get to see some awesome villains you haven’t seen in the New 52. I think this issue with be great for your child if you have one.

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