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Batman and Robin - Revenge of the Red Hood: Part Three: Flamingo is Here

Scarlet and the Red Hood have managed to rub Gotham's crime scene up the wrong way. So in retaliation, the criminals of Gotham have decided to call in The Flamingo. This guy makes Harvey Dent look positively charming. He feels no pain, no remorse, and fears nothing. Looking at his face is like staring into the abyss. Can Batman and Robin stop such pure evil? Be warned: read at your own risk!

Batman: Life After Death - Part One: The Awakening

Previously, we saw the sacred space of the Batcave penetrated by Harvey Dent - a rude awakening for our tired hero. But having fought bravely, Batman managed to secure the cave once more. Rest and recuperation is not an option as Batman has bigger fish to fry. The Black Mask is back in town - bigger, stronger and more dangerous than ever before. And what's more, he has enlisted the help of Dr Hugo Strange. Is anyone safe from his mind manipulation? Gotham's future looks darker and darker!

Batwoman in Detective Comics - Elegy: Part Two: Rubato

Looking to get their hands on WMD, The Religion of Crime has kidnapped Commander Kane. Batwoman knows a trap is waiting, but she is determined to save her father, and Gotham, from Alice's mad schemes. After an airborne tussle, Alice is left dangling on the precipice. But now, having just jumped twenty years into the past, we are about to find out just what makes Batwoman tick, and why blood is thicker, and far, far more dangerous than water...

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