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Batman and Robin - Revenge of the Red Hood: Part Two: Scarlet

The Red Hood and Scarlet's vigilante methods of 'cleaning up' Gotham make Batman and Robin look like puppy dogs! Their psychotic methods have turned the rules upside down. Who would've thought we'd see Batman protecting The Penguin?! Gotham's underworld is up in arms. They've called for back-up in the form of...The Flamingo. This man feels no pain, fear, guilt or remorse. He is the stuff of nightmares!

Batman: Reborn - The Long Shadows Conclusion: Two Knights: Two Faces

Batman snatched victory from the hands of defeat in an agonising battle with Clayface. But this was a mere distraction, orchestrated to keep Batman looking the other way. Meanwhile, an army has been gathering. The shadowy figure of the Black Mask lurks in the background. When Batman returns home, battered and bruised, he finds out that he's not alone. Someone has penetrated the Batcave. Who? We'll give you TWO guesses...

Batwoman in Detective Comics - Part Four: Rubato

With a mysterious werewolf set protecting her, Batwoman manages to escape mad Alice's crutches. Her father implores her to give up the chase, but Kate will not back down. She dusts off her cowl and vows vengeance on Alice and her whole organisation. But there is no time for further planning. Having been lured into a trap, Commander Kane is in mortal danger. Kate risks everything to save her father...

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