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Pamela Isley, now cured, takes a ride to Robinson Park with Bruce Wayne.  In the park, she finds Jason Woodrue who is not dead as everyone had previously claimed. Also, Jason is cured of his plant-based  Floronic Man persona.  Woodrue reveals that a multi-national biological arms cartel was actually responsible for his initial experiment on Pamela. Woodrue also tells Pamela that she is the only person who can stop the cartel's leaders and their plans.  Before Woodrue can explain how she can stop the cartel, assassins kill Woodrue but are subdued by Batman before they can train their weapons on Pamela.

Pamela Isley informs Batman that she now wants to return to her Poison Ivy form in an effort to hunt down the cartel's leaders.  Batman refuses to aid her in this plan.  Pamela then seeks out Bruce Wayne, but he also refuses to help her become Poison Ivy again.  Finally, she turns to Hush who agrees to take her to WayneTech and develop a chemical formula to restore her to her Poison Ivy hybrid form.

Zhang meets Hush and Pamela at WayneTech.  Ivy injects killer toxins into Zhang, and Hush kills Jenna, one of the experimental orphans.  Pamela injects a toxic solution into her body as Batman unsuccessfully tries to convince Pamela and Hush that he will stop this cartel's criminal activities.  The injected solution proves deadly to Pamela Isley.

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