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It's Batman and Red Robin vs. The Architect as the villain tears through Gotham City's first families! Plus, who is Nicholas Anders? The team continues to investigate the mysterious man from turn-of-the twentieth-century Gotham, but what they find may change everything they know about the city itself!

Batman: Gates of Gotham #3 begins with another entry from the journal of Nicholas Anders. Nicholas Anders would talk about the significance of the Wayne Tower, how it became a symbol of the future. Meanwhile Nicholas would get married and have a child. Alan proposed to create a bridge that will connect Gotham to another county. Then Alan Wayne tells Nicholas that him and Bradley "family".

In present day, Dick talks about how he failed Gotham and how Bruce would of never have let it get that far. Red Robin did a 3D rending of the steampunk suit so he could search it. The penguin then comments to Batman that the rumors of true about him slipping.

In the past, Nicholas talks to Bradley who disapproves of this new project. Nicholas tells Bradley that Alan called "family" then Bradley notes that no one becomes a Wayne, Elliot or a Cobblepot and they only treat them like family until they aren't not useful anymore. Bradley does agree to join Nicholas on this venture.

In the Present, Dick, Tim, Damian, Cassandra discuss the suit used. They discover it is an 1800s construction workers suit, and how it was discontinued when an incident that ended in Robert Kane's death. Dick thinks about how Tim was a better Robin and how he will be a better Batman. Then Tim talks about the suits and they were designed by Nicholas and Bradley Gate. The most current person to use the suit is a man by the name of Dillon May.

In the past, Nicholas Anders is invited to a meeting with Alan, Theodore, Edward and Cameron Kane. Nicholas was asked where the Bridge would lead to. Cameron Kane wanted the bridge lead to Kane County. Nicholas decided with Alan Wayne.

In the present. Dick and Cassandra go to the Elliot building and looking through files looking for clues. Dick figures out that the next target is the Kane Bridge. Tim and Damian are in Dillon May's home looking for other clues, then they are surprised by Dillion May who is the Architect.

In the past, Nicholas is working on the bridge and the bridge collapses and Bradley is killed in the incdient.

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